Phil 2016

I am a layman, a  retired entrepreneur, a parent and grandparent, a past member of the Board of Directors of a NYSE company and other smaller companies and a believing Christian. At seventy nine years of age, socially active, aware of history, somewhat philosophically inclined and in reasonable health after flat lining one evening over fifteen years ago, I have become engaged in reflecting on the great “meaning of life”. My reflection is not limited to my personal experience but includes significant reading on anthropology, cosmology, philosophy, theology, economics and physics.

More than fifteen years ago my son gave me Brian Greene’s An Elegant Universe and I became hooked on trying to appreciate quantum mechanics and attempting to understand the implications of recent discoveries in astronomy particularly as these disparate fields impact our belief in God. I had previously read C. S. Lewis and started tackling works such as Frank Tipler’s The Physics of Christianity and several others. I also read The God Delusion by Dawkins and several other works by atheists, scientists or anti-theologians. The net result was a clarification of my own thinking and a position that has significant departures from either traditional or liberal reformed theology .

I am enjoying life in Williamsburg, Virginia where my wife and I have resided for the past sixteen years. My career was dedicated to personally supplying firm priced real time data acquisition and control computer systems to industry and government which might explain my fascination with science and technology. My life experience has provided me this opportunity to examine my thoughts while referencing the position of others. I look forward to expanding on the message of A Shotgun Wedding  as I continue on my spiritual journey assisted by continuing reading and study.

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